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“WARCRY®Origins” Pažangiausias Pump/Pre-Workout/N.O ‘Genius Nutrition’ (300g/30porc)

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“Warcry® Origins Strawberry Citrus” papildas raumenų augimui, energijai, koncentracijai. Tai labai plataus spektro papildas žmonėms, norintiems pagreitinti raumenų augimą. Labai gero Braškių su Citrina skonio, todėl su malonumu jį išgersite prieš ar per treniruotę. Veikliosios medžiagos Carnogen, Kreatino Hidrochloridas, Veinox, Tri-methyl-glycine ir kitos. Jei preworkout/pump produktus galima būtų skirstyti procentaliai, kokio tai labiau tipo produktas, tai “Warcry Origins”, paskirstytume taip – 60% raumenys/20% focus/20% Energy.


Produkto šiuo metu neturime.



The origin of animals was one of the most astonishing and important transformations in the history of life. Your animal origin is continually lurking behind, even if you are filtered through complicated evolution. However, there is one thing that will never change – the evolution of your muscles.

You’re about to discover the most potent pre-workout supplement on the market.


WARCRY ORIGINS is a spinning-top of Genius Nutrition’s® Warcry, which features an entirely new approach from the original. Like regular Warcry, WARCRY ORIGINS does contain stimulants; however, its formula is geared towards delivering crazy energy, exceptional focus, and pre-workout to save your energy for the pumping part of the training.

Genius Nutrition® will help you achieve maximum increase in cell volumebetter blood circulation, and greater muscle pump with this pre-workout supplement. An increase in energy and mental focus is just a bonus.

WARCRY ORIGINS is a complex formula that includes ingredients that intensify NO (nitric oxide) production and is a cellular volumizer. It contains a new generation of Beta-alanine –  (Carnogen) that provides increased durability, as well as additional ingredients for better absorption.

And this new generation pre-workout has an innovative ingredients list, including Carnogen, Creatine hydrochlorideVeinox, Schisandra fruit, Artic root with unavoidable Caffeine, and vitamins B3, B6, to name a few.

WARCRY ORIGINS is designed for bodybuilders looking for an approach towards insane pumps without losing energy in the pre-workout part. With WARCRY ORIGINS, you may discover how it would be like to have an extra set of lungs.

Single nerve cells in the spinal cord, called motor neurons, are the only way your brain connects to muscles. … When the chemical impulse from the motor neuron hits the muscle, it causes muscle fibers to rachet past each other, overlapping each other, so they get shorter and fatter.

Laboratory research has shown that the “swelling” of muscle cells activates the bonds that drive the muscle-building genes. At the same time, Creatine, Carnogen, TMG, and Veinox (epicatechin) make that happen.

WARCRY ORIGINS delivers immediate results in terms of endurance, strength, and high-intensity exercise capacity. It uses Carnogen Beta-alanine and Histidine (taken from a high-protein food source) and produces Carnosine. The primary role of Carnosine is to buffer hydrogen ions in muscles. Thus, it prevents a decline in muscle pH and muscle acidification.

Research showed that animals that engage in a supramaximal activity aka all-out explosive bursts of movement, such as pheasants, greyhounds, and racehorses, all have high muscle levels Carnosine content. This has led researchers to believe that Carnosine may have an endurance and performance benefit during intense bouts of exercise.

And that leads us to you.

The repeated bouts of high-intensity exercise are where WARCRY ORIGINS shines. It will allow you to do more while training, thus increasing strength and lean mass within 4 weeks. Thanks to Creatine HCl, you will generate anaerobic power but also weight gain and increase muscle size.

Among our members, there are always some that don’t take Creatine well. WARCRY ORIGINS brings Creatine HCL, which is micronized, so you need less of it because it uptakes into the body easier.

Also, some reports suggest that TMG also stacks nicely with Creatine – particularly for those who are usually ‘non-responders’ to Creatine.

For some of you, it might be a night and day difference in endurance and recovery times, and with daily usage, tingles will go away within the first month.

  • Powerful alkaloids from plants
  • Faster nitric oxide production
  • Ultimate caffeine energy
  • Easy on the stomach absorption
  • Ultra potent Beta-alanine Carnogen
  • Ultimate muscle pump ingredient

What is inside?

Pump & NO


CARNOGEN BETA-ALANINE (3000mg) is an amino acid that combines with amino acid Histidine soon after it enters the body. The result of the combination of these two amino acids is Carnosine.

CREATINE HYDROCHLORIDE HCL (2500mg) is a lot more acidic, so it does have somewhat of a sour taste, but it’s micronized, so you need less of it because it uptakes into the body easier.

TRI-METHYL-GLYCINE (1500mg) is a substance that’s made in the body. It’s involved in liver function and cellular reproduction. It also helps the body metabolize an amino acid called homocysteine.

VEINOX (epicatechin) (100mg) increases nitric oxide production, mitochondrial biogenesis, and exercise performance.

Focus and endurance


ACETYL-L- CARNITINE (500mg) is a powerful nootropic brain supplement that helps improve motivation and reduces brain fog.

L-PHENYLALANINE (500mg) is a precursor to PEA, a neuromodulator important for attention and cognition.

SCHISANDRA FRUIT (400mg) showed to make much easier the long boring mental work and physical training.

ARCTIC ROOT (extract 12:1) (400mg) can reduce stress, increase energy, enhance mental clarity, uplift mood, improve sexual performance, and even reduce anxiety.

For energy


CAFFEINE HYDROCHLORIDE (300mg) boosts your energy to get you moving and encourages you to keep exercising for longer.

VITAMIN B3 (10mg) enables good energy metabolism and reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

VITAMIN B6 (4,2 mg) contributes to the maintenance of normal energy metabolism, normal functioning of the immune system and reduces fatigue and exhaustion.

Perine 95% (4mg) significantly increases the bioavailability of various nutrients through increased absorption.

Recommended daily dose: 10g (apx. 1 scoop) mix with 350ml of water in a shaker.


Warning! Dietary supplements are only intended for healthy persons. Do not take if pregnant or breastfeeding. Keep out of the reach of children. This dietary supplement should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet. Do not exceed recommended daily dose. Consume preferably before the date indicated on the container. Store in a cool and dry place.








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Papildoma informacija


Genius Nutrition

Produkto Sudėtis


Gamintojas – Genius Nutrition


Rekomenduojama dienos norma: Sumaišykite 1 kaušelį (apie 10g) Warcry Origin su 350ml šalto vandens. Suvartokite 5 minutės prieš treniruotę, geriausia ant tuščio skrandžio.

1 produkto dozė yra lygi 3 puodeliams kavos (300 mg), mes rekomenduojame vengti kartu naudoti kitus papildus, maisto produktus turinčius kofeino.

Įspėjimai: Neviršyti nustatytos normos. Laikyti gerai uždarytą , sausoje , vaikams nepasiekiamoje vietoje , toliau nuo tiesioginių saulės spindulių, tamsioje vietoje , ne aukštesnėje kaip +25°C temperatūroje. spec. paskirties produktas, nėra maisto pakaitalas. Netinka nėščioms ir maitinančioms moterims.

Geriausias iki (termino pabaigos): geriausias vartoti iki termino, nurodyto ant pakuotės šono arba jos apačioje.

4 atsiliepimai apie “WARCRY®Origins” Pažangiausias Pump/Pre-Workout/N.O ‘Genius Nutrition’ (300g/30porc)

  1. Arturas

    Vertas dėmesio papidas, dėl pačios energijos stogo nenurauna, bet ir aš asmeniškai nejaučiu šalutinių efektų kas man labai patinka.

    PUMPAS atomonis, fokusas viskas ko reikia treniruotei. Naudoju apie 20 dienų, viskuo labai patenkintas. Dabar labai stirpai auginu raumenį, tai viskas auga ir sunku pasakyti keik koks paildas duoda įtakos 🙂 Origins yra keletas sudėtinių dalių kurios mana labai patinka, ypac Epicatechin. Šitas ingredientas skatina raumens augimą. Jei kasskaitote man komentarą tai galite negalvodami pirkti šį ppaildą, gausite daugiua visko nei sumokate.

  2. gainzlt

    Tikrai labai geras PWO pasirinkimas – SUPER poveikis! Energija, žvalumas, jėgos, motyvacija – super! Nieko kito ieškos neverta – Warcry kaina čia gera, veikimas super – labai verta imt! 🙂

  3. gainzlt

    Labai labai nuostabus energetikas! Veikia tiesiog NUOSTABIAI. Pilna energijos, jegu, motyvacijos, zodziu – super produktas! nr1 koki energetika verta pirkt! 🙂

  4. vaidoza

    Kažko įspūdingo nepajaučiau, šį naudoju mažesnio intensyvumo treniruotėms arba kaip pakaitinį, taupant labiau tikusį PWO (EXP1).
    Rimtai treniruotei tenkant naudoti – dvigubinu dozę, skonis nepatiko, per daug sintetinis poskonis.

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