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„Warcry® Towel“ Fitness Rankšluostis ‘Genius Nutrition’ (47X90cm)

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“Warcry® Towel” (Genius Nutrition) – rankšluostis pagamintas iš 100% kokybiškos medvilnės. Išmatavimas 47X90 cm, 450 g/m². Minkštas, anitbakterinis, komfortiškas.




The WARCRY® fitness towel is the essential element you need for every workout, being made from 100% highest quality cotton.

With a weight of 450 g/m² and dimensions of 47×90 cm, this towel not only proudly bears the iconic WARCRY® logo, but also comes with an impressive array of features. Designed to offer antistatic and antibacterial properties, it guarantees hygienic and comfortable use. Having the ability to dry quickly and being extremely absorbent, it is ideal for keeping you dry and in maximum comfort. Soft and delicate to the touch, it is perfect for sensitive skin, offering a luxurious sensation with every use. Thanks to its remarkable durability, this towel will accompany you for a long period, maintaining its exceptional qualities.

Choose the WARCRY® fitness towel for an ideal balance between functionality and comfort.

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