“UNSTOPPABLE™” Pre-Workout Energetikas ‘Dedicated’ (300g/30porc)


Dedicated “UNSTOPPABLE” (new formula) Patentuotas ir vienas geriausių pasaulyje pre-workout tipo papildas, suteiksiantis jums beprotiškos energijos.





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Dedicated Nutrition

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UNSTOPPABLE™ is the legendary instant performance enhancing pre-workout. Breaking records, plateaus, and limits is what UNSTOPPABLE™ was designed for. An unbreakable will to lift whatever weight you put on the bar!

– 300g net weight.
– 30 servings per container.

Featuring proven and effective ingredients at the highest dosage possible, UNSTOPPABLE™ will provide a sensory sensation that makes you want to crush records and break through your plateaus.

Don’t just take it from us; UNSTOPPABLE™ has been awarded many times by industry leading experts and websites as Stack3d to be the real pre-workout deal and record smashing effective!

UNSTOPPABLE™ was designed with one single goal in
mind; to be the ultimate pre-workout experience… EVER!


Within minutes of taking UNSTOPPABLE™ your mind will
become focused, energy will increase and you will take deep breaths to suck in as much air as possible.

A few minutes later the world starts to slow down and blood will start to flow more freely to your muscles, creating a pump before even lifting a single weight.

Another few minutes later and UNSTOPPABLE™ will hit you in the face. You are fully in the zone. Strength, pump, endurance, focus,
drive, energy, every single aspect of your performance is enhanced beyond what you thought would even be possible.

There is no more pain, no more fatigue; only the voice in your head of the God of War himself shouting “lift motherfu#@&*….LIFT!”


It is the synergy between all ingredients what truly sets UNSTOPPABLE™ apart. Every single ingredient is at the exact maximum dosage and is working in perfect harmony together with the other ingredients.

UNSTOPPABLE™ works like no other product you have ever
taken. No other pre-workout will provide the same show stopping results only UNSTOPPABLE™ can.

UNSTOPPABLE™ is a truly one of a kind revolutionary product that, like all DEDICATED® products, delivers results; fast.

Experience the sensation for yourself. It is time to become UNSTOPPABLE™!

INGREDIENTS UNSTOPPABLE® ROCKET ICE: L-Citrulline, Beta alanine, Betaine anhydrate, Betaine nitrate, Flavour, Acidity regulator (Trisodium citrate), Acid (Malic acid), Sweeteners (Acesulfame K, Sucralose), Tyrosine, Caffeine, Mango Leaves Extract (Zynamite®), Anti-caking agent (Silicium dioxide), Black carrot powder, Vitamins and Minerals (Nicotinic acid (B3), Ascorbic acid (C)), AstraGin®, Inulin (Other flavours ingredients might slightly differ).


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